Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend

Friday. I headed down to elfs and omahas for Fish Friday. Dinner was glazed salmon, which was delicious. Even the girls ate some. The game of the evening was Set, which I must inflict on my siblings this Xmas. The teevee of the evening was Drawn Together.

Saturday was Kouryou-chan's birthday. She had much enjoyed learning how to do formal European tea at her school, and Omaha had been talking about getting her a "real" tea set. About a week ago, I discovered a Chinese teashop in Ballard, and so got her a miniature but very real Chinese style tea set. After all, she's a Pacific Rim girl, Chinese tea is more appropo than European. It was well received.

That afternoon, I picked up amythis at the ferry terminal, and we went to the Poly Potluck. That's always a fun social event.

The next day, Sunday, we went to the monthly "Naked Lady Clothing Exchange". There was some fun stuff there, but nothing in my size. She scored pretty well tho. I availed myself of the hosts' library, and finally was able to read Bujold's short story "Winterfaire Gifts".

That evening, after dinner, we hooked up with kespernorth and chemicallace, and enjoyed a nice warm social soak. Mmm... hot water.
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