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Unplugging, replugging, spark, zap, crud.

Some time ago, my old Linksys WAP11 stopped working. So I got a nice new replacment Linksys WRT54G. But never bothered to take the time to set it up. I did this evening, and cleaned up some of my network cable snarl.

Unfortunately, while plugging everything back in, I blew up my Broadvoice Sipura SPA-1000. I had thought that the form factor of the DC plug side of a wallwart dictated the voltage, by some IEEE standard. That may be, but someone, in my pile of little plastic boxes, felt that adhering to such a requirement was beneath them.

Out came the stinky magic smoke.


So, do I buy a replacement SIP box, or do I figure out how to put a softphone on amsu. Or both?

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