Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Seattle Initiative 901, Smoking Ban. I'm voting AGAINST.

I've decided how I'm going to vote on Initiative 901, the Seattle smoking ban.

I'm going to vote AGAINST. If you are a Seattle voter, I think you should, too.

First of all. I'm not a smoker. I've never smoked. I never will. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke. I dislike having to air out my clothes after going clubbing.

However, this ban is stupid. It extends too far away from the entrance to buildings. It makes the business owner liable, not the smoker. It's unclear who is responsable for enforcement. It gives the SPD (and anyone else) too much latitude to hassle politically unpopular clubs. And there are no excemptions for places like cigar bars.

That means that if someone is legally smoking outdoors walks by the entry to a restaurant, even if they are not a patron, that restaurant is in violation. Even tho the business has no legal power to stop them. If some self-appointed group wanted to shut a place down, all they need to do is gather around it's airvents and light up cigarettes.

The groups pushing for I901, such as the annoyingly named "Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights", don't consider these to be problems, they consider them to be features.

I don't think so.

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