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Sucks to be sick. Especially alone.


I was at work from yesterday evening to late this morning, finishing up a mustgetitdone. I was expecting to be sleepy. What I got instead was sick. Shivering hotcold on the drive home, and turning on the apt heat, and bundling up in my covers.

How am I now? Headache at my temples, across the sides, to the back. Dehydrated (no matter how much I drink). Still flashing hotcold. And to cap it all off, what feels like a UTI. The rest I would call a flu, but that is something that I'm paranoid about. (Please just be a normal UTI, please just be a normal UTI, ...)

I've got an appt at my dr's clinic tomorrow morning. Unfort, it wont be with him, but instead with the physician's assistant.

My cats are no help. They won't go out and buy me any chicken soup, or any cranberry, grapefruit, or pom juice. Sha, in fact, made an annoying mess of the floor around the litter boxes, something I now need to clean and wash up before I can take a shower.

I keep drinking water and drinking more water, and I can feel the inside of my head hydrate for a moment when I do. But it doesn't last. And I have no idea where it's going. I didn't sweat it all out into my sheets, and it's not going out the more obvious way.

This sucks.
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