Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Review. Corpse Bride ★★★

Boy I'm seeing a lot of movies this week. omahas and I went to see Corpse Bride at the Neptune. This was my first time in that theater.

It was good. Cute and nice. Nightmare Before Christmas was a better movie, but this one is worth seeing.

Usually when I see these sort of stories ("Help, I'm falling in love with two people!") my reaction usually is "It's stupid that one can't marry them both.", but in this case, there really were some differences impossible to overcome.

They stole the post-finale conclusion right out of different story (Hans Christian Anderson's "Little Mermaid" (not the Disney ending)), but in a setting with demonstrable "immortality" (universal, but rather boring and gruesome) it was probably necessary, in order to wrap things up.

Interestingly, in this and the last movie I saw (Were-Rabbit), the main female leads were both voice by the same person, Helena Bonham Carter.

Another place were it suffers in comparison to NBC is the music. The musical numbers tried to be engaging, but they were nowhere near as memorable or character-illuminating.

But still, if you like Tim Burton movies, go see it.
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