Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Review. MirrorMask. ★★★

I liked it.

If you loved The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth because of the lush organic costumes and backgrounds, you might be disappointed. But if you liked them for all the quirky and fun bit part characters, you will enjoy this for the same reasons.

The visuals, instead of "lush and organic", are instead very spare, evocative of pen and ink, with some brush and greyscale watercolor, for reasons that make sense in the context of the story.

The overall plot is not original. But then, for this sort of thing, the overall frame of the plot isn't important. We all know where we are going to end up, what is important is the view from the ride, and all the little plot-presents we are gifted with on the way.

And an amusing little insight I had a few hours after seeing it, one of the major sources of conflict between the Dark Queen and the Dark Princess was, the Queen was a goth, and wanted her daughter to be a goth. But the princess wasn't a goth, she didn't want to be a goth. She was a punker.

Oh, and I have to recommend it to jatg's attention, in that the protaganist was a girl who loves to draw and ink.
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