Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I moved into this apartment right before Halloween last year. Today I got a letter in the mail, and another taped to my door, reminding me that my lease is about to expire. If I sign another 1yr lease, they will only raise my rent $25/month. If I let it just go month-to-month, they will raise it $100/month.

I don't think so! This complex is not at full occupancy. Me moving out and them trying to fill this apartment will cost them more than the additional $300/yr they are wanting, and I've seen some places for rent much closer to work for about the same amount.

I hate being sick. For the most part, I've stayed at home for the past two days, getting very little done. I have managed to keep my work email inbox mostly clear, via the VPN, but doing anything that requires concentration, no way. I do seem to be mostly over it, and hope I'm much more over it tomorrow.

The plan tomorrow is to meet up with amythis, and then head east to North Bend, and spend the day and evening, and maybe the night and the next day, out there.

I watched a fair amount of new season TV over the past two days, part on my PVR, and part via BitTorrent. Invasion looks like a TV soap opera version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I tried watching, but very quickly didn't care, and just quickly skimmed the first two episodes, and then flushed it. Commander in Chief has possibility. I will give it a couple more episodes. I watched L&O:SVU, because it was mentioned on the radio, that it had Linda Carter as a scary evil b*tch, and indeed it did. (I watch almost no L&O anymore.)

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