Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

TV Show, "Criminal Minds". Shot on location in Seattle, or not?

I just watched the first episode of "Criminal Minds".

The setting was supposed to be Seattle.

I couldn't quite tell if it actually was or not. The heavy rain and the people scurrying around under umbrallas certainly failed the verisimilitude test. The helicopter lookdown shot at the beginning didn't look familiar. The view of the bridge in the distance at the end might or might not have been the Ballard Bridge or the Fremont Bridge. I *think* the entrance to the King County government building was the real thing.

The maps he was reviewing were of Seattle. In fact, either one of the victim's homes or one of the body dumps (it was hard to tell, as the map was panning around) was actually just a few miles to the south of me.

Does anyone know how much of it was shot "on location", if any?
Tags: seattle, tv

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