Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My cats have fans

A few minutes ago, there was a tap-tap-tap on my door. I opened it to reveal a trio of young girls, who chorused "can we pet your kitties?!". They probably know of my guys' existance because they will sit in the big window and watch the world go by.

So I let the girls sit in the entry way, with the door open, and pet Birki and Kidde. Sasha, of course, being the `fraidy cat she is, had disappeared under the bed. The girls asked if she would come out.

The pity is, if I had let these girls sit on the couch for five minutes, Sasha probably would have come out to be petted, given how much she likes women. But given the insanity of parentkult-thought, and me being a "strange" single guy, it wouldn't have been social wise.

Still, it was cute and pleasent.
Tags: cats, girls, neighbors

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