Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

If I'm getting so much stronger, why do I need a cane?

Last night after an afternoon of errands and piano lessons, I zapped down to Burien and spent a while visiting elfs, omahas and Kouryou-chan. On the way home from that, I stopped at the gym to do my cardio. After 30m on the EC, I realized that I wasn't actually tired, and went on and did another 20 minutes. I wonder if I could work up to a full hour. I wish there was a way to pack an hour into less time. One of the things I like about the EC is that it gets more burn done in less time without any pinpoint wearyness. Anyway...

Today at the gym was "core". Core means abs, sides, and lower back. I've been trying to do the requisite situps and crunches on my own, and just haven't been able to keep up the motivation on my own, so we've added them back into the rotation with the trainer.

Abs are absolutely no fun at all. After 20 situps on the inclined board, I just couldn't start another one, so Jeff started "spotting me", pushing up on my shoulderblades until I was far enough in to finish the motion. By the end, he was having to push thru the whole range, and the last little bit of "can do" had been squeezed out of my gut.

And there was a new exercise, that involves lifting and rotating my whole upper body with just my obliques. Ow ow ow. I could do 10 reps on the first set, 11 on the second, and 12 on the third, which was nice, but now four hours later, I've gotten really stiff in my chair.

Getting out of bed tomorrow morning is going to be... unpleasant.

And for all this work and all this increased strength, my weight has stalled at 225, and my measurements have hardly budged. So much for vanity...

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