Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

BiCamp 2005 report

So. BiCamp 2005. The thing I missed NASFiC and WSIP for.

  • Custodianing bensong1's kid G on the flight. He slept most of the way. So did I.
  • Seeing, appreciating, and running my fingers thru judyg's new shorter haircut. It looks good on her.
  • Meeting judyg's new cat, Raphael. He loves her, and thought I was maybe okay.
  • Renting a car at the last minute, which turned out to be for the best. As it allowed me to stay at the campsite longer.
  • Getting lost for a couple of hours, trying to remember how to get from Jamaica Plain onto the MassPike. I figured that having lived in Boston for 3 years would have helped, but it just made it worse.
  • Giving BiCamp half a dozen new GMRS/FRS radios. A useful donation that really helped.
  • Pitching in with the staff's efforts. The event has gotten large enough and experienced enough that a significant amount of work needs to be done to make it look like it just happens. In the past, lilbjorn and then later missdimple did almost all the heavy lifting.
  • On-site staff meetings. Maybe wise, maybe not, but... maybe necessary.
  • Sitting on my knees in the grass wearing just my sarong, washing dishes in two tubs.
  • Asking a woman in a sarong to teach me a better way to tie mine. (Short answer, get a pin.)
  • Getting to know maedbh7 better.
  • Getting to know mud_puppy.
  • Usually having nothing more important on the to-do than keeping each other sunscreened, and enjoying doing nothing.
  • Worrying a little about Birki's health. I had left my cats care in jezel's capable hands.
  • Talking several times with zzbottom, he wants to start a Wet Spot type organization in Boston.
  • Last day at the Blue Bonnet Diner, across the street from a ginormous cellphone tower, so half the group spent most of the pre-food time on our `phones.
  • Going to East Heaven with docorion, lilbjorn, maedbh7, missdimple, onemintjulep, & volta. We paid for just an hour, but the attendant let us stay for three. We talked about talking, talked about relationships, talked about sex, and just talked.
  • Going to the Amherst Brew Pub with missdimple, onemintjulep, & volta.
  • Looking at all the students in Northampton and in Amherst, it being the start of the school year. The freshmen at 18, and the seniors at 22, all look impossibly young.
  • After all arriving back in Boston at missdimple's home, everyone promptly vanished into our laptops, at least until she quite properly threw us out.
  • Finishing listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
  • Seizing another day and a half from the world, to spent as mornings and evenings with judyg.
  • Being annoyed with a car illegally parked at the curb at SeaTac. It had govt plates. I took some photos and sent them to Port of Seattle Security and to the TSA. I hope someone gets in troubled.
  • Enjoying homemade rice and oranges pilaf at elfs's and omahas's hospitality.

There was a lot more that happened, but those are the high points I recall at the moment. Or at least, that are appropriate to put where everyone can read them.

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