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Mark Atwood
The Gap is opening a new line of stores, for boomers "sized out of the market in middle age". It offers clothes with "a more forgiving fit", that are "generously cut". LINK

It's called "Forth & Towne".

Get it yet?

Expand the ampersand, and then look at the acronym.

I wonder if that was an accident, or not...
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From: neocuriosity Date: August 26th, 2005 07:45 pm (UTC) (Link)

more khaki please


So, they finally decided to "expand" the business to the folks who, until now, could only fit into socks and hats in their regular stores.

If the only difference is size then it won't work. Nobody wants to shop in the fat lady (fat dude) stores. Folks want to shop in the regular stores.

They're going to sell more staid clothes to the older folks, with larger sizes (and probably larger price tags.) Dockers for the dudes, pleats-in-front pants for women. More khaki please.

Something to wear to one's 20-year HS reunion picnic.

Whatever. One more store for a mall I already don't shop in, selling clothes that I won't buy for people I don't hang out with who drive cars to the mall and live in houses I'll never afford (or want.)
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