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Mark Atwood
Still employeed
I had my annual review today.

My best attribute? The depth and breadth of my technical knowledge.

My most-needs-improvement attribute? I spend too much time researching, and get spend too much time in research paralysis and in exploring interesting side branches.

The boss understood that these two attributes were just flip sides of the same coin, but yeah he's right.

As for money, the Powers That Be have decreed the target mix of salary and bonus is to be, and I was "out of spec" (mainly because I had pushed it that way when I was negotiating at hire time). So I didn't get a raise, instead my increase was all added to my "bonus opportunity".

Since the bonus is keyed to goal completion, and they've started loading the individual goal sheets with executive management decreed corporate level goals that are not all that well specified, I ph3ar. They haven't screwed us, yet. Yet. I will watch and see.
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