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Mark Atwood
Another housing dream.

It was a very cute little basement apartment, except that they wanted eighteen hundred a month for it, the ceiling was so low that I had to stoop, it was a 3/4 basement, such that the one window's base, eye level from the inside, was flush with dirt on the outside. And it was a tiny little town, with dried out grass, all the water sucked out by the high dry air. I decided to move on.


I was laying on my back, next to my tent, looking up into the blue sky. I saw a stain of black spread out in one spot, spreading out into black mist and smoke and dust. It feel out of the sky, rattling on the ground like hail. Bits of coal, from dust to grit to pebbles to a few fist-sized lumps. "Those morons," I think calmly, "this is such an immature way to throw a tantrum." I watch several more thin black clouds bloom out of nothing in the sky, and rain to the earth. A few of the lumps are large enough to be painful if they hit. I see one bloom directly above me. I idly reach out, and pull in an awning tent over me, to block the falling grit. With a earth shaking BOOM, an irregular solid piece a good 3 meters wide slammed down, burying itself almost halfway into the sod at my feet. That was the end of the storm. I get up and start searching my box, my tent, my other tent, and the main tent for my camera to get a picture of it. I make a note to remind everone to clean up all the used condoms and gloves that are all over the grass from the night before.


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amythis From: amythis Date: August 21st, 2005 02:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
... burying itself almost halfway into the sod at my feet.

It's about sodomy. :-J
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