Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Last Night's Dream

I've just rented a big old oddly remodeled-over-the-decades semi-run-down house, packed up next to other similar big old run down places. As I explore out the back door, buts up against them, and the small weedy unmaintained lawns twist and merge together. I'm not sure where "my" building ends, and the others begin, looking at them from the outside. Some of them look abandoned, or at least nobody is ever home.

It does have a big garage/shopspace tho, but it's a couple of building fronts down the pedestrian friendly urban street. I know it's my garage, because there are several such together, each with the number for the house they go to over their main door.

Inside my garage, I've had built and helped set up a parachute landing approach practice tower/cable rig. Pushing the struts into place was heavy work, but I could feel strength in my arms and back as I pushed them into place, while more expert people ratchet the bolts shut.

One of the empty house neighbors has several families living in tents and old run-down RVs in his back yard. It looks like they've been there for at least all summer.

Why have been my last few memorable dreams been about acquiring and exploring housing?
Tags: dream

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