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Annual Hookey Day

Yesterday was tabbifli's annual "Play Hooky Day". It looked like it was going to go poorly, what with the sky pouring down rain when I woke up, and it being iron gray and windy when I got to Wild Waves. But soon enough, the rest of the party showed up, entry passes were distributed, and we went in to Have Fun.

Six Flags recently acquired this small regional amusement park, and even tho they did sink some capital into it (a new roller coaster), they're starting to get chintzy as well. There are not enough staff to keep the changing rooms clean enough, there were several rides broken down for the rest of the season because both parts and *mechanics* are on the other coast, and they stopped carrying waterproof bandages at the first aid station because "they cost more".

But both adults and kids had fun getting shaken up and spun around.

The weather got progressively better. Around noon there were spots of bright blue on the horizon. After we changed into swimwear and played on the water slides, wave pool, hot tubs, and tube rides, it was not uncommon to be in direct sunlight.

A good and companionable meal was had together at the local Olive Garden, and then I drove home to collapse into bed. I was maybe just slightly too tired to make the drive, but I survived.

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