Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

A Dream

I start exploring the building my apt is in. I walk over to the manager's office, and look down into an open atrium. Funny, I had never really noticed that before. As I walk back, I decide that instead of going back into my apt, I explore the rest of the building. I go upstairs a level, and discover upstairs a huge high vaulted room full of pianos, and tables covered with white linen. It would be just the place for hosting formal affairs, but all the pianos are odd. As I explore more, the features get more and more luxorious, and before too long, I'm basically in a high-end mall. Outside the huge windows of a corner enterance is a clean active city, which now in my waking retrospect is a combination of Seattle and Boston. The floors are linked with esculators, but strange ones. Instead of "steps" with horizontal tops, they are more like 45o conveyer belts, but they work just fine. I take the esculators and walk the wide immaculate corridors back to my own door, and can tell that the moving people around me are impressed that I live in such a grand building.

(This is nothing like any place I've ever actually lived, but I do have the habit of living in a multi-unit complex, and NEVER so much as exploring the other strutures, corridors and floors.)
Tags: dream

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