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Mark Atwood
Happiness is having a large family. In another time zone.
I flew to Utah to visit my family yesterday.

This has been my first flight since 9/11. Insane. All the stupid security measures have just, to my paranoid eye, increased the places and opportunities where Bad Guys can commit mayhem. I was not happy when some security flunky unpacked all my bags and outright stole my fifty dollar lighter. You would think that they would have the grace to have a box or something that confiscated items go in, but no, it went right into her pocket.

Went to Home Depot with my Dad and younger brother Brent to get him his holiday present. He does large format art, wall murals and such, and he wanted a good pair of sawhorses. The first floor clerk in the store didn't even know what a saw horse was. But we found someone with a clue, looked at several different models, including some badly made scary ones, and finally bought a pair of steel folding ones.

It's nice to visit my family. I am so glad I don't live with them. And will be glad to be heading home on the first of January.

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