Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

The last few days

Tuesday. We in the Knuth group ran out of "brain juice" quite a bit sooner than we usually do, but still made good progress, and wrapped things up with a crash refresher in real calculus, because we could see some integration signs looming before us in the upcoming paragraphs.

Wednesday. In piano, we did more sightreading, and then processed my way thru the current piece, Chant, by Christopher Norton. My main difficulty with the piano work is becoming more and more apparent, which is when I get overloaded or confused, my whole mentation just falls apart and I freeze up, doing nothing and thinking nothing. I don't even "get distracted", I just freeze and stop. This unuseful reaction is all too familiar, from other attempts to learn or do "real time" tasks.

Thursday. There was a change in the usual first-Thursday plans, and instead I enjoyed babysitting Kouryou-chan while her parents, elfs and omahas, went out together on a married-couple grownup-time date. She was extremely easy to handle. Dinner was pulped lentel stew, then she lined up all her "minions" (dolls and plushes), then some Dora on the TiVo, story reading from "Thomas the Tank Engine", and then to sleep in the big giant bed. (After she "went to bed", she still wandered back and forth between the giant bed and her bed, trying to get comfortably cool.

Friday. I joined the pack of supporters as desirae executed her testing for her Karate blackbelt-recommended. Her peer students and her sensei were a bit surprised at the size of the crowd of her supporters. She, of course, did very well, doing the warmups, katas, and round after round of sparring and of groundfighting, and finished off with the traditional and crowdpleasing breaking-the-board. We all went out for dinner and then hot-tubbing after.

Saturday. I had a lot on my TODO, but got very little of it done. The air was way too warm, and I had a fair amount of sleep to catch up and social after-processing to do. But I did hook up with the ever-lovely omahas to see "Fantastic Four".
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