Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Tuesday. Six disconnected paragraphs.

The Greenwood Seafair parade is about to come marching thru near where I am. It made driving a pain in the ass.

On last night's drive home, this morning's commute, and then the drive over to Greenwood today, listened to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Chapter 9, "The Writing on the Wall". When I'm done with Harry Potter, I think I will go hunting for an audiobook version of The Baroque Cycle.

Knuth last night was fun. We actually managed to do an M26 level problem in less than an hour. I've put together a personal Wiki for our group to preserve our work. I just need to get the math plugin working...

RedHat kickstart and anaconda are pretty cool, but they are poorly documented. Rather, the extensive online docs are good receipes for some common situations, but the only complete documenation of all the options, and what they do and how they interact in detail has to be learned by careful reading of the source. Which was a pain to get to (loopmount the ISO images of all the source CDs, figure out which package it was in, convert SRPM to CPIO, study CPIO's PITA of a man page, run CPIO, which blatted out a tar.bz2 file. bunzip2, then tar, and then find out where the syslinux initrd linuxrc sources was, and then start tracing out the switch based state machine... Obvious, isn't it?) It felt not like peeling an onion, but peeling an onion, to discover an orange, peeling that uncovers walnut, inside which is a coconut, inside of which is a hamburger...

After letting them slide for several months, went to my comic shop and caught ip Ultimate Spider-Man and Lucifer.

For some reason, OkCupid quiz memes have been crashing my Firefox when I reach the end of the quiz. Very annoying, especially since megazone just did a couple of them that wanted to try too.

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