Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

My weekend


I took off from work a bit early, to go to Fry's. To try to exchange jezel's WiFi CLIethernet bridge, which she uses/needs to go online (given that her camshell iBook doesn't have built-in wireless, doesn't have a PCMCIA slot, and the folks who made the USB wireless thingees don't bother to try to support Mac. And also to buy a pile of reimbursable stuff for a work project.

Then I went down to the Seattle Bremerton ferry terminal to pick up amythis. I listened to the last quarter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone while I waited. After a bit of back and forth on the phone, I picked her up, got a bit lost working my way over to the Alaskan Way viaduct, and then headed down to elfs and omahas for Fish Friday.

The meal of the day was foil-wrapped charcoal-roasted halibut with fresh picked mint leaves, couscous with raisins and pine nuts, corn-on-the-cob, McCrea 2002 Sirrocco, and some high-end dark chocolate. MmmmMmmm! Pleasing to the palate, and good for the heart.

The MST3K of the week was Attack of the The Eye Creatures (and yes, there are two articles in a row there). I know I've seen this one before, mainly because I remember seeing the "They Just Didn't Care" rant at the end. We concluded that, while being amazingly bad, this one wasn't as bad as the famous Plan 9 from Outer Space, because if anything, Ed Wood did care, far too much, which made his failures all the more horrible.


We had planned to go to the flash make-out, but got out and going too late.

We did make it to the annual BiNet Seattle Picnic at Ravenna Park, which is a heavily forested ridge and fault in the middle of the city. There was one kid wandering around who looked SO FAMILIAR. Finally I stopped him and said "You look just like a kid I know named Gabriel". "I am Gabriel," he responded. A moment later, his mother had intercepted us. Sure enough. (Gab's dad is a lover of my friend judyg back in Boston. Small world...) And the world got smaller, because a few minutes later, my phone rang, it was Judy, just calling to say hi. I let her talk to Gab's mom a bit, and then we chatted ourselves, catching up.

Just after we left the picnic, omahas called, to tell me they were on their way to it. Just missed...

The next event was the Bizarre Bazaar. I met, chatted with, and got demo'ed on by sierra_faye1. One pass was made around the show floor, and I didn't see anything I wanted, and then we left.

Up to CapHill, to the Babeland sale. There, we did buy some stuff.

Which we took back to my place, and tried out.


We went to Bite of Seattle. In past years, most of the restaurants exhibiting had a one dollar "bite", a small dish, about one mouthful, of some representative or signature dish. It was possible to wander around and for twenty bucks enjoy twenty tastes of twenty restaurants. They didn't seem to be doing that this year, which really spoils the whole point, I think.

We watched the International Fountain a bit, and chatted some, and danced a bit to one of the cover bands (to the consternation of some of the little kids who were watching us). And then a chain of phone calls, SMSs, and "we are here / we are here / where are you / we are waiting here" Chinese Firedrills, we finally hooked up again with omahas and elfs, with Kouryou-chan and Yamarashi-chan. The girls waded and splashed in the wading pool, and scampered around the international fountain. The adults enjoyed some higher end food, dangled our feet in the water, pointed out and examined the eye candy, and enjoyed strawberries dipped in chocolate, until it was time for Yamarashi's handoff.

I took amythis back down to the ferry terminal, we said our goodbyes, and then I went home to decompress from a full and fun weekend.

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