Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

book. On Bullshit

A few days ago, I picked up a couple of books at Parkplace Books while waiting for "Batman Begins" to start seating.

The first is On Bullshit, by Harry G. Farkfurt. It's a tight little book, 15cm by 10cm, 68 pages, and it's about what it claims to be, a readable philosophical and prescriptive analysis of the nature bullshit, humbug, balderdash. It's been positively reviewed on Instapundit, NPR All Things Considered, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

I agree with the positive reviews, I've been much enjoying it.

As soon as I done reading it, I'm going to tag it into BookCrossing, and set it free
Tags: bookcrossing, books, review
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