Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Batman Begins ★★★½

Finally saw Batman Begins. One has to ignore the comicbook science fiction elements (microwaves dont work like that, even if they did, they would also vaporize every person in the vicinity, and the poison would have been flushed into the sewers as fast as it got added to the watermains), but it was well worth watching.

I think it was a better movie, and a better "Batman" movie, then the Tim Burton version. (Can you believe it was 16 years ago?) Mainly because that one was really more "Jack Nicholson's scenery chewing Joker", and this was more about Bruce Wayne, and what it is that he does, why he does it, and the people who help him do it.
Tags: media, movie, review

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