Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

"Stranger Danger" idiocy.

that 11 year old Boy Scout in Utah who was rescued yesterday (after 4 days lost in the woods) has illustrated perfectly the end result of the mass hysteria that seems to have gripped parents in the USA. There has been a massive search effort to find the boy... and it took as long to find him as it did because he, incredibly, hid from his rescuers. Yes, he spotted rescuers multiple times and actively avoided them.

Why would he do such a clearly stupid and self-destructive thing? His parents had drilled into his head that he should avoid strangers at all costs because they might steal him. That is the reason the kid gave; This boy, alone, cold, lost, hungry and dehydrated, was more afraid of strangers than of death. He almost died because of a dumb, hysterical reaction to a few cases of stranger child abductions.

I hope this knocks some sense into parents. But I doubt it will; the parents were actually praising him for following their instructions. Yes, they thought it was a good thing that he avoid strangers trying to save him from an agonizing, slow death.


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