Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


I woke up hearing my dad report to my mom wurtmann that one of the lawn irrigation feed lines had blown in the night. (It was the lower lot's irrigation water, the least important of the five feeds.) I hadn't brought any grubby work clothes, so I let him and pheonix_jade deal with it.

Later that morning I finally got to meet pheonix_jade's lovely girlfriend red_girlfriend. They two got sent off to the hardware store to get a cap for the blown line. After Dad capped it off, we had some fun playing with his air rifle rig, and then spent a couple of hours out on the deck enjoying the nice weather. After a while, Brent showed up too, in his newly aquirred 1972 El Camino, tastefully colored primer black and rust.

Soon enough, the time came for the family reunion. We navigated up to where it was, and helped set up, and hugged our favorite cousins, and smiled and gladhandled the rest. sighted and wyckhurst arrived, with my 4 nieces and nephews in tow.

Myself, being an idiot, forgot my camera.

My cousin Dean was there. He's exceptionally cool. He's got a little daughter, who is being wonderfully warped by her weird dad. (As an example, her favorite song is "Mister Brighteyes", which is just so wrong in so many ways.) His contribution to the pay-for-the-catering auction was a copy of his comedy CD of his standup work. (I mention it, mainly because I won it.)

Some offshoot cousin (who's both too young and too closely related to me for me to have noticed how hot she was) really liked my kilt. So did Uncle Roland (my dad's mom's brother).

Lots of pictures were taken. We got a picture of just me and my sibs together. (We forgot to do it last xmas).

After we all cleaned up, some of us went back to my parents compound for an air rifle competion. I got 4/10. My dad got 9/10, and his brother got 8/10.

I did piano practicing on my mom's upright (the first piano I practiced on, years and years ago.)

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