Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

To replace my ReplayTV

I have a ReplayTV 4160 Personal Video Recorder. I love having a PVR. PVR is one of those things that sounds like a idle frivolity. Until you use it for a little while. You will never want to watch TV the old way again.

(I work for a company that is designing a series of PVR units to be deployed by cable companies.)

Unfortunately, SonicBlue, the folks behind ReplayTV have gone bankrupt, in part due to the lawsuits brought by the tv industry, who hate PVR. Especially they hate Replay's automatic commercial zapping function.

So I was getting nervous. When will my Replay stop working (it has to constantly "phone home", either via a phone call or via a highspeed internet connection, to update it's program schedule. No SonicBlue, no ReplayTV dataservice, no working ReplayTV.

I am now less nervous.

I have seen the replacement for my Replay. It's a GPL open source project called "MythTV". It's still a little shaky and under development, but it will very soon do everything my Replay does. Better. Neater. More openly. More powerfully. More user and poweruser friendly. And in ways that will really enrage the television industry. Heh heh heh.

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