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Six-thirty-am is too damn early. I went my whole jrhigh and highschool years getting up that early, and my two years in Alaska likewise, and I know lots of people have to do it now, but I'm a "get to work after nine" guy. And it was raining, rather hard. Plus the annoyance of not being able to get my home printer working (I print stuff out so rarely), that I had to stop at work to use the printers there, to print out my boarding pass.

The traffic was better than I expected, and I got to omahas's at about 8am, and enjoyed a quiet slow morning with them. (Strangly, it wasn't raining, was pouring down sun instead.) Left at 1030, then parked&shuttled to catch my flight.

My Utilikilt scared the TSA goons a little bit. As I was unloading my stuff into the x-ray trays, one called to her supervisor "We may need a male assist, here!". (The entire team working that line was female.) But the scanner didn't beep when I walked thru it, even with the 6 snaps and the belt buckle, and seeing the look of apprehension on the goon's face turn into relief was a small joy for the day. (The Seatac TSA goons were getting in trouble over a year ago for feeling up female travelers. Assholes. What comes around...)

I read the first half of Accelerando on the flight, until amsu shutdown. I don't have many of the power saving stuff turned on, since I am so rarely away from power. I dozed and spot checked the rest of the flight with my GPS, which had a sufficiently clear view thru the window.

Dad picked me up in his Miata.

Utah is too hot, and the air is too dry. There was a strong south wind all the way up the valley, kicking up lots of dust. There was a surprising amount of green up the sides of the mountains (still with just a bit of snow visible here and there), for there had been surprisingly large amounts of rainfall the past few weeks. (Of course, that means that if the summer dries up, the brushfires and grassfires will be that much worse.)

That evening, my brother pheonix_jade and I went into SLC to have dinner with my sister jatg. We had wanted to get all 5 of us together, but Brent had to work, and wyckhurst was enjoying her anniversary with her husband sighted. Dinner in, in her backyard, was steak, desert was fire roasted smores, and recreation was lighting tiki torches, target shooting her air-rifle, and then walking the neighborhood looking at cool old houses.

That night, after retiring to one of the guest beds, I finished Accelerando. It blew my mind like Diaspora did, only better. It was more richly done, far more sophisticated characters, both more realistic and more strange.
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