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I hate the F#m scale.

It breaks too many of the ersatz rules my fingers have learned so far about scale motion. Getting my fingers to memorize it feels like square pegs, round holes, and the thing getting hit with the hammer are my knuckles. (And it doesn't help that I know that the next things on the chart, the C#m, G#m, D#m, and A#m are each incrementally worse.)

I am getting better at Mozart's Menuetto I In C Major, practicing with paper taped over the keyboard. I had not realized how much I was using my lower peripheral vision and glances downward to "set" my reaches, until I put that barrier in place.

The cats have been annoyingly insistently affectionate today. I really can't blame them, what with me being away from Friday morning to Saturday late morning, and then again Saturday evening to late this morning.

I went to an ice skating performance yesterday, to watch the trio of gipsieee, sultry_peacock, and keithr perform. They did a good job, and I enjoyed watching. The theme of most of the numbers was "80's Retro" (stuff that I remember as "Top 40").

After the show and the after-show grill party, we went back to their place for ice-cream & brownies, and silliness involving many boxes of crayons, and some insulin-shockingly cute kid's coloring books. I should have taken a picture of one page in a "Barbie" book, where the eponymous protagonist is meeting some of her girlfriends at a park, and the artist, working to cram three figures into one portrait oriented page, has them positioned in a way that seems more appropriate for a San Francisco Pride parade, not a Mattel-licensed product.

After establishing that it was too late into the night to be safe driving home, I crashed on a guest bed, slept until late morning, and then returned home to the insistent and grumpy chorus of 3 lonely cats.

I've spent the day doing some papers, doing some reading, consuming some media, and doing some cleaning.

And working at the piano.

Which is were I started this entry.

I hate the F#m scale.

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