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Mark Atwood
In the Interim
My sister jatg used to be a Visible Phenomenon in the Xena fan community, because she did an online comic titled Battle On. She hung up her pen on that strip when the Show Finale ruined the show and the earlier episodes for her. Plus "real life" intruded on her time.

This is was not her first online comic either. Back in the early/mid 90s, when both she and I were working for a networking company, she did a strip about the sanity of the industry, called "Buzzwords". It was very similar to and predated User Friendly, but was better drawn. Sadly, it appears that the images files have been all lost or misplaced. My regular user icon is descended from that strip.

Anyway, she's picked up her pen again, and is doing a strip titled "In the Interim", which she is starting on LJ, and may move over to Keenspace eventually. Here is the first one, which is about, unsurprisingly, LJ itself. Enjoy.
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