Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


The wireless internet at the Vivace went down this afternoon. And within 20 minutes, it was a ghost town. Wireless is something that it's turned from a differentiator to something absolutely mandatory at places like cafés. Without it, they can't get the traffic and can't get asses into seats. So I decamped to the CapHillCafe instead.

Boylan Bottleworks Cane Cola is yummy. Crisp and tasty. Fukola Cola, on the other hand, is sticky and syrupy (corn sugar), and it's kick of "Brazilian Guarana" just makes me jumpy and sweaty, not energetic.

The toner Patrick put in my cowlick did lighten it up more, going silver white at the tips, but it's still bleached-brown straw yellow at the base. The only thing that my minute fraction of Native American ancestry gives me is the right to say "What you mean we, white man?" and my straight dark brown hair.

It's TOO HOT and its TOO BRIGHT. I'm a desert boy. I can take this heat. But you can't make me like it.

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