Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Media consumption

After getting home Thursday night, I watched the season finale of CSI. They did a little of padding to stretch it to two hours, a bit too much on close up on each face in turn to get reactions, but even so, it was a good episode. I couldn't even say that the "bad guy" had done something wrong. It wasn't Nick's fault, in injustice that the guy was lashing out against, but the US prison system *is* an injustice that deserves bloody vengeance.

Friday afternoon was the work junket to the 3:15pm showing of Revenge of the Sith. Lucas still has his tin ear for dialog, and still has a 13 year-old boy's view of girls and romance (was the man ever married?!), but it didn't suck like the last two movies did. In part, I think, because he didn't have time. He had to quickly cover the end of the Clone Wars, the fall of the Republic, the formation of the Empire, the outing of Papatine as the Sith Lord, the fall of Anikin, the destruction of the Jedi, the origins of the Rebellion, why the Emperor looked like he did, Obi-Wan and Vader's famous dual, the near-destruction of Vader's biological body, Obi-Wan getting Vader's lightsabre, the birth of the twins, their placement on Tatooine and Albdaran, and the disappearance/exile of Obi-wan and Yoda. Lucas didn't have *time* to screw up too much.

And then later that night, elfs, omahas and I "enjoyed" the MST3K "Samson And The Vampire Women", which was a utterly horrid movie about a popular Mexican masked wrestler vs monsters movie. When the "hero" suddenly walks into his first scene, with no warning or explanation, Omaha started laughing so hard she couldn't breathe.

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