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Mark Atwood
Three dying machines in the distcc stack, spewing SCSI IO error messages at their consoles. I am remarkably hardhearted about these sorts of failures, and so immediately executed the offending boxes. (Pulled out their power feeds.)
Our new interim CEO has sent out an email asking for suggestions, bests of, worsts of, etc. My response has started turning into an essay. A coworker pointed out that even so, I will still have to reduce it to at most four bullet points, as he has never actually meet an upper executive with the focus or ability to read more than a single page of text. Sigh, he's right.
judyg has a new cat, a Tonkinese, that she is temporarily or permanently making a home for. His former human is very sick, and is taking chemo. As I told J a while ago when she was talking about the cat shaped hole in her home, "When the time is right, the cat will appear.".
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