Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

And then the next day

Damn. I was most of the way thru assembling this post, and then accidentally deleted it.

I was at work bright and early Wednesday morning, as I seem to have shifted east a bit, despite my efforts not to.

At noon was my next trainer supported workout session. Triceps and Back. I am stronger. Noticeably so. I was able to complete most of the sets, at higher weight. Which means more weight next time.

At six was my makeup piano lesson. The main focus was again sightreading. Mr Henry and I have decided to keep the focus there until I make the breakthrough and actually achieve "literacy" wrt note reading. I want to be able to read notes and music with the same ease that I can read text.

At nine was kespernorth's birthday gathering at the Merc.

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