Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Today's Randoms

A wonderfully civilized meal: a lamb gyros and a dark black truffle in a Seattle chocolate house.

Kind of wiped, I was at work until 2am, digging out how widespread a minor problem is with our box. Lots of huge SNMP scans. Perl's Net::SNMP is a wonderful tool for making complex once-off tools for this sort of thing.

I was so wiped that apparently I left one of my keyrings in the mailbox keyslot last night, my property manager called me this afternoon to let me know that they had been turned in.

I take my dark pleasures where I can, and quoting chapter and verse out of a technical standard that we are contractually obligated to comply to is one of them. More generally, making some lazy silverback do what I want him to is the pleasure.

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