Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Hanging with friends in Boston

Wednesday night, I did a trainer session at the gym. It was legs again. This is the sequence that actually made me sick the first time I tried it. This time I managed to finish the sequence, though I was yelling through clenched teeth by the end. Still, I was somewhat pleased with myself.

Then I went home to pack. Packing was a little different than it has been in the past. The TSA goons now routely paw through your luggage, so travellers are advised to pack everything into little plastic bags. A couple of dozen gallon sized ziplock bags later, everything was ready.

Thursday morning, I woke up at five dark thirty, drove to Queen Anne to pick up the person who's going to be sitting the cats, and then went to the airport. The TSA agent who "serviced" me did not appreciate my grumble at having to take my shoes off. They're the same damn useless rent-a-cops, just wearing lame new shirts.

A fearsomely boring flight to EWB Newark, and then a shorter boring flight to BOS Logan. The bright note was that my suitcase was the first thing on the Continental baggage carousel. The dim note was that, after many dozens of flights, the baggage handlers finally broke one of my bags. The rails for the pull handle were fractured. Grumble.

I waited a bit for JudyG to show up, and then went upstairs to the security checkpoint for the Continental gates, and found her there. She was sitting right next to a sign that said "Please meet your party downstairs at baggage claim". *grin*

It was wonderfully good to see her again.

We took the MBTA to P&J's home (aka zzbottom and missdimple) and had dinner, then went to JudyG's to sleep for the night.

The next morning, my legs had locked up. Whenever I would sit down for more than a few minutes, my legs would "set" in that position, and it was painful to walk (hobble). Maybe I do need that cane after all.

The next evening, Friday, we hooked up again with P&J, and went to dinner, and then to charliegrrrls Writers With Drinks reading and then to a PolyBoston gathering at the Diesel Café.

At "Writers With Drinks", the two writer/speakers who stood out most in my mind were actualhuman, who read from her Salon article Sex With Stormtroops and Letta Neely, who read some very sexy lesbian poetry.

This morning, my legs were still a little sore, but much better. After JudyGleft for work, I slept a bit more (as I am both shifted 3 hours east, am wearing myself out, and am not keeping track of time), and then went back over to P&J's to hang out and be sociable. JudyG got done with her day's tasks, and made her way over there, and then we went out to dinner (sushi) and walked around Jamaica Plain a bit. I dropped her off at her Contra Dance, hit the local Harvest Co-op to replace some of the food I've been eating, and then returned to her house.

I am having a great time.

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