Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Tomorrow early morning I fly down to Palo Alto for a business meeting, returning late late in the evening. Sixteen hours, from the 6am departure to the 10pm return (plus the "security theater" dance).

I got pyMusique working again. It needs python-mcrypt, which appears not to be a Fedora RPM, and thus didn't get installed on the recent rebuild. I found some advice online, and hacked around a bit with GStreamer and FAAC2, and got iTunes previews working, and have been noodling an idea for a patch that will, if GStreamer doesn't work, will still download the preview and then kick it over to mplayer.

I got my apt clean, and my most immediate paperwork done. The cats have loved having me be home for over 36 hours, and are currently happily sleeping on a clean warm freshly made bed, which they, of course, consider to be THEIR bed.

I'm considering going out to eat. After 10pm in Seattle, even on a weekend? My choices are limited.

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