Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Let's see, fun bits of the day.

Got a call from gipsieee in the morning to schedule when I was to come over, but while she may have thought she was talking to me, she was just talking to my meatware front-end-processor, which didn't actually wake the "me" me up until some time later. Thus a few hours later, I was hurtling down the freeway, an hour and some late to breakfast with them.

Spent a lovely day mostly with sultry_peacock. She was friendly but low energy, recovering from con-flu. We went to the `spot Vendor Faire, I stocked up on some supplies, then to my place. That evening we went to ivolucien's birthday party at the Metaphorist.

Someone had brought a bottle of Chilian Chiraz, which was excellent, and tasted half-way between something from Spain and something from Oz, which makes sense. The Oz'ian "Yellow Dog" that I followed it with suffered horribly in comparison.

It was a typically fun and crowded Metaphorist party. A fair number of people I knew, mostly from other Ivo parties, were there.

Sometime after sultry_peacock went home with her two spouces, an interesting game broke out. People passed around an electronic doohicky, which would display a word. The person with it would try to get the group to figure out what the word was without saying it themselves. When they succeeded, they passed it to the next person. When the buzzer sounded on the doohicky, the person holding it had to suffer a forfet. Things like tell an embarrassing story, sing a silly song, or, ahem, other things.

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