Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I just watched the bonus disk of the The Incredibles DVD set. The short "Jack-Jack Attack" was very cute.

But the part I liked best was the featurette "Vowellet - An Essay by Sarah Vowell". We got to see a colored pencil drawing of Violet, lovely and breathtakingly sad, hiding behind her hair and her clothes. They really toned that aspect of her down in the movie. And we also saw a rough CGI scene that didn't appear in the movie that again showed a lovely and sad girl.

[Helen] Don't be silly. You're beautiful.

[Violet] I'm gangly.

[Helen] You're growing.

[Violet] I'm gangly. And I'm growing ganglyer. I'm ugly, I have no curves, my friends are dorkier than I am, I can't talk but my brain won't SHUT UP!


Pity they cut that scene, there are a couple of million recovering teens who know that girl from the inside.

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