Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

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How do you comfort someone?

I talked to JudyG on the phone a little bit last night. She tried calling my my VoIP (which I had unplugged for rewiring for the wrong few minutes) and then my cel (which doesn't work well in my home), and just got an anonymous voicemail greeting each time. I was lucky that I heard the faint feep from my cellphone, and so was able to call her right back, before she fell asleep.

She was feeling sad. A former lover of hers had just died this weekend, after a multi-year long battle with cancer. It wasn't a sudden surprise, but still, it happened before she was able to say a final goodbye.

I could hear her sadness and sorrow and loneliness, and desperately wished for the power to comfort her, or to at least lighten her sadness.

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