Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Thursday Friday Saturday. Norwescon

Thursday, after work, I headed down to the SeaTac DoubleTree for Norwescon 28. The weather was just glorious. There there was Betheee, Tahlia, & Keith. And elfs and omahas and Kouryou. Browsing the Dealers Den was done, and Hospitality. I left at about 2am, back up to Kirkland.

Friday. That morning, I was strangely wiped. More so than I would have been from just getting to bed late. After finally finally getting going, I stopped at Trader Joes, and loaded up on Emergen-C and Airborne, and then did a half-day at work. The back down to SeaTac. I got the last parking spot in the regular lot, then met Omaha, Raven, and shemayazi for lunch/dinner. The con, more of the same, with even bigger crowds, more hall costumes, and pretty people to see. Late night at the dance dancing with sultry_peacock, and then talking and hanging out with her trio. This time, home at 4am.

Saturday. Again up at noon, back down to SeaTac yet again. Once again, I snagged the only open stall in the lot. Much more crowds. Lot of gorgeous people. Many more people that I knew in passing. Good talk with Omaha. I did my Dealers Den shopping, picking up a Maxwell's Equations T-shirt that I have wanted for over 15 years, a copy of the The Incredibles DVD, and a XXXenophile ashcan that I got signed by Phil Foglio.

I finally got to tour the artshow, once myself, and then again with Elf and Kouryou. She kept asking what each picture was, at which point we would ask her "what do you see?", and she would do a good job of seeing and explaining what she saw in each one.

A whole crew of us (including jezel and her date) went to to dinner at the Roaster across the street. Unfortunately, the restaurant broke us up into smaller groups and seated us separately. And the menu really talked up their ribs, but reality disappointed, they had obviously been spending the last many hours held under heatlamps.

The authors readings for Talebones magazine was pretty fun. Then a bit of shuffling around, and then Omaha and I hit the dance floor hard. Joined by Tahlia and Keith, et al, and later also by Beth. The music set started kinda lame (at least by our standards, the darkwave fans loved it), but at midnight it got good, doing "Timewarp" and ""Sweet Transvestite, "It's the End of the World as We Know It (But I Feel Fine)", "Burning Times", "Bad Touch" (aka "Ain't Nothing But Mammals"), "Rasputian", "Closer", and "Rio".

My feet and legs hurt. But it was worth it.

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