Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


Friday was jezel's birthday, so I took off work early, and did some running around arranging and picking up some stuff she said she wanted.

The wish for a bottle of port came as a surprise, but do-able. I went to my regular pusher to get it. I could have just grabbed something off-the-rack at QFC, but I wouldn't have been able to describe what I wanted. The higher price pays for the expert opinion.

The slice of cake from Honey Bear at Third Place was easy as well, tho driving was tricky. The address was simple enough, but Seattle has a geographic rift in that region, so a certain amount of backtracking was necessary. I had never been to Third Place before. What a great bookstore? It's literally a third place. Pity that it's in Ravenna tho.

I dropped it all of at her office. It's good to see her in an apparently decent place that lets her properly use that painfully earned and expensive master's degree.

By this point, it was late afternoon, and I was already more than halfway there, so I went down to omahas for Fish Friday.

Much playing with the girls happened, as did much fun and interesting grown-up conversation. Dinner was white fish chowder in breadbowls. Yummy. I had two servings (I had somehow forgotten to eat lunch.) The girls drafted me into doing their nightly story reading, which was fun.

Dessert was fun and exploratory, a couple of Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints (today was the last day of the public sale, and Omaha had bought out the local pushers stocks to freeze and store) and a mixed concoction called "Dirty Girl Scout", using a rough receipe I got from daikitsune. It was surprisingly good, and extremely deceptive. I had to try several times to get it to come out "just right".

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