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Mark Atwood
My brother rocks, and so does my dad.

From his LJ.

On saturday I tilled the garden. Actually, my father and I tilled the garden. I told him about the "complaint" that the teacher made about my disrespect towards her. Dad then replied with a comment that Terry made after being thrown in a cell in Bolivia. "If anyone messes with me, I'll make sure they remember it." It reminded me of Matt's playing style of M:tG. If I'm going to lose, do as much damage as possible anyway. So, the current project for dealing with the situation sounds roughly like this.
  1. Write a nice little letter stating that I'd like a fair, open and honest hearing to clear my good name.
    1. Make carbon copies for her, her principal, every member of the school board and for CAPSA
  2. Contact CAPSA.
    1. Speak with Kent (HR director)
    2. Speak with Jessie and Alex (Prevention Team)
  3. If after speaking with CAPSA nothing has changed, mail the letter.
  4. Sit back and watch.
I'm honestly curious to see what will happen. I'm pretty sure what will happen, but it's interesting to see how quickly my father comes up with a plan of attack. If there is any doubt of how Atwood children ended up being as outspoken as they are, here's why.
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