Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

I just watched Wil Wheaton's episode of CSI.

Some thoughts.

  1. It was actually a pretty lightweight episode, but had a lot of emotional agony for the characters.
  2. The producers were right to upgrade Wil's casting from "the slightly scary hotel clerk" to "Walter, the homeless schizophrenic addict".
  3. Why did the TMS guide data summary say that the episode was about a new fingerprint lifting technique, when that was actually one of the most minor aspects of the less interesting case?
  4. This show is probably doing more break juries of believing in police extracted confessions, and to help innoculate suspects under interrogation from signing them. This is a good thing.
  5. That was one of the most venal, and yet most, well, comprehesible and understandable motive for violent bloody murder I've ever seen in fiction. There are some things you just don't do</a>.

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