Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


So I woke up Friday morning feeling a fair amount better, so I made it to work and had an actually pretty productive day. I was able to figure out the crosscompiler environment for the firmware for our little extension box, and get my changes loaded into it. I even was able to debug some mistakes in the Makefile that that previous developer had left behind, and was able to keep ahead in a few Q&A cycles on the mailing list for this subsection.

Fish Friday wasn't fish this time, we all went out to eat the Claim Jumper at SouthCenter. Each plate had enough food to be a complete community feast for a small African village. Mental note, next time, I get the half rack of ribs.

The evening's media consumption was BSG:TNS "33" & "Water". Ignoring the fact that water ice is only THE most common compound molecule in the entire universe, this show is just... wow.
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