Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood


  • The can suggests making tomato soup with milk instead of water. In the future, I will use water.
  • Clean Sweep is more fun to watch at 4x speed.
  • is not an acceptable replacement for Kozmo, what with the website being extremely slow, and the earlist possible delivery was 10am tomorrow morning. It's useful if you already have a set of standard shopping lists uploaded to it, and you're doing regular grocery ordering.
  • My body is still lethargic, but I couldn't sleep another wink.
  • I'd totally frack Starbuck.
  • Watching Medical Investigation when you're sick is a bad plan.
  • Everybody else's "things I've done that you probably havn't" meme postings have made me feel totally mundane.

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