Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Half planned, half on a lark, I stopped at FredMeyer on the way home, and got some mounting hardware. When I got home, I collected my unhung artwork, some of it from a box that hasn't been fully unpacked since I moved from Boston in `99.

Hung so far: a WWV clock I picked up at Fry's last weekend, one of jatg's figure studies, that she gave me this last Christmas, a 30"x20" photo print of a picture of me standing under the Aurora Borealis taken in Alaska in the winter of `90, a mounted puzzle of the James Christensen Shakespeare poster that took me over two years to finish in the early 90s, and a couple of jatg's painted cels, specifically, one of me, and one of the The Owl & The Pussycat.

I paged thru many dozens of prints that I paid far too much for at ConFurEnces past, including much to my surprise, a couple of prints by artvixn. The world is more connected than it often appears. Most of said prints are going to get scanned and watermarked, and then sold for whatever on FurBid. The b&w xerographic catalog of S Martin pieces circa 1993 went right into the trash.
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