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Mark Atwood
I'm quoting this just because I know that my sister wyckhurst will find it both funny and true.

So the fact that I lift weights is beyond them, especially since it's not the girly pink laminated 2 lbs dumbbells. The men don't seem to look down on me - just the women. And the women - I swear, if I hear ONE more time "But you're gonna bulk!!!" I'm going to hurt someone.
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wyckhurst From: wyckhurst Date: February 19th, 2005 12:06 am (UTC) (Link)
Haha! I know. Not so much now because I'm just so pregnant, but when I was fit, fit, fit, I'd hear women say, "But I dont' want to look like a guy!"

I'd show them my legs and my arms and my butt - whatever, shove it in their face and say, HELLO! Do I look like a guy?????

Funny how the women who say they are afraid of looking like a guy are the ones that first need to lose like 50 pounds of fat.

It also annoys me when people say they just want to get "toned." Tone is for the radio.

But I'm evil.

Here's me, looking like a guy. Me, all BULKED. :-P

pr10n From: pr10n Date: February 20th, 2005 02:01 am (UTC) (Link)
Carida, if that's how guys look? Then I am more confused then ever. *sigh* Vive le difference.
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