Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

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Waking up at 6am would have given my a nice 9 hours of sleep. So, of course, I didn't, instead waking up at half past midnight. A bowl of food, a couple of episodes of Mythbusters, then back to bed, to force myself to sleep. My standard go-to-sleep trick is to count down backwards from 100, one per slow relaxing breath. This has worked since my early teens. Until today. I made it to zero, and was almost fully sleep paralyzed by 50, but no blessed relaxing oblivion.


On the plus side, in the last two hours, I got sru working again, mostly. I *think* the mail is configured correctly. And, of course, jatg's comics pages are almost a week out of date. I hope she kept local copies.

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