Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

After several years of nearly trouble-free operation, my rented co-lo machine went down last night. Without it, my email doesn't work.

I left messages with them last night, telling them to CALL ME. Called them again, digging thru WHOIS to get more people to call. Finally talked to a human bean this morning. "I'm going there to reset it, but then I'm getting on a plane. I'll have our sysadmin call you," he sez. A few hours later, something shows up on the IP address, but it's got a new ssh hostkey, none of my logins, and none of my content.

With the language skills of my sister jatg, we hunted down the sysadmin's Mexico office, and got from him that it had crashed hard, but they were bringing up a new box, and would try to transfer the old content over.

I am not impressed by their lack of "talk to the customer".

I've gotten very good about backing up amsu, and was thinking it was maybe a good idea to get sru onto a regular backup regime as well, and now this happens.

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