Mark Atwood (fallenpegasus) wrote,
Mark Atwood

Shopping for Magical Cleaning Chemicals

So last night I did some research on how to get rid of all this spattered candle wax that was all over my microwave, counter-top, and stove-top (see recent entry regarding an exploding mug of boiling wax). It looked like the stuff to use are the "Goof Off" products: Goof Off, Goof Off II, and Goo Gone. So after work, I headed to Seattle.

One the way, I stopped at Kirkland PCC, to refill my bottles of Almond Doctor Bronner's. The man may have been a raving loon, but his soap stands on it's own. Then to Seattle to work my way down Aurora Ave. First at Seattle Super Supplements. 24HourFitness marks up their protein shake powder too much for me to be willing to buy it from them. Then to Lowe's and then to The Home Depot, where I bought assorted chemicals and tools.

Instead of going straight back home, I swung thru CapHill, to see if the Crypt had the new polyethylene Supras (they didn't). While I was there, the Seattle PD had closed off a couple of blocks of Broadway. Apparently, someone spilled a whole bunch of some white powered all over the street, and they shut it down while a HazMat team cleaned it up. Annoying, but understandable why they would be jumpy.

Then back home, to face the fallout of my candle penny-pinching with putty knife and chemicals in hand. It was amazing. Not only did all the wax pull right up and wipe right off, all the other assorted accumulated cooking grease grime did as well. I ended up doing the entire counter-top on one side of the sink, and taking the stove-top apart. Watching the burned in stains on the drip pans just float away in the sink brought a measure of joy to my heart.

(It also stripped all the skin oil off my hands, which feels kind of weird. About every 10 minutes or so I would go into the bathroom to rinse and lather my hands with some good glycerin soap (a gift from JudyG from a few years ago). Next time, maybe I should remember to buy gloves.)

But now I have a nice shiny clean counter, stove, microwave, and refrigerator front.

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